“There is something beautiful about a blank canvas, the nothingness of the beginning that is so simple and breathtakingly pure. It’s the paint that changes its meaning and the hand that creates the story. Every piece begins the same, but in the end they are all uniquely different.”


I have always been fascinated by bloggers on how they do things artistically and fashionably. Stalking from one blog to another, link after link after link, endless process! I always caught myself dreaming of their lives and how I will do it if I were in their shoe, who wouldn’t love a closet full of dream-worthy designer clothing and the chance to travel the world? Hahaha! Fast forward to now, I am here writing my very first blog post and I don’t know pretty much what to say, it is harder than I expected it would be!

So let’s see how it goes… ♡


Photography: Ira Gatmaitan

  • Rodeliza J. Nimez


  • Ariane Devon Misanes

    Blog about your tattoos and piercing please. 🙂

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Hmmm, nice suggestion! ♡

      • Ariane Devon Misanes

        Yaaayy! Looking forward to it! ☺

  • Kim Manahan

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this! ?
    Looking forward to this! Congrats Louise!! ?
    Mag-DIY framed inspirational quotes ka! Tutal maganda handwritten mo 🙂
    Tapos about Photography, I hope you could share to us on how you take and edit your photos, what are you using to edit your photos and etc. 🙂
    Fighting!!! ???

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Thanks for the suggestions! Will keep that in mind ♡

  • Jean Roa

    I would like to ask you ate louise what website or blog did you used to make this? How did you made this? Cause I really love to have my own website to. Aside from posting my pictures on my insta why not here on my website right? ?

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      I hired a web designer to do the “tech/encoding” stuff in here. But I first used WordPress then bought my own domain there. Hope this will help you! ♡

  • May Jean

    congrats ate! ?❤️ sobrang responsive and mobile-friendly ng site! ☺️??

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Yey! Thanks May Jean! ♡

  • Kimmy

    Wow! Congrats Lou! Been waiting for this for so long! ?❤️ Would love if you’ll post some interior stuffs too. And more DIYs. ???

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      I will surely do that! Thanks ♡

  • Elizabethbennet

    very artistic IG feed and this blog screams Creative. Cool, hip, chic, effortlessly stylish independent girl.

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Awww thanks Elizabeth! ♡


    Hi Lou! I am a fan of yours since Tween Hearts too. I loved the way you act, but I loved you more when I figured you are a wide reader as well. Could you, maybe, blog about your fave books and maybe give some personal reflection from it? ? Bibliophile here 😉

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Sure I would love to do that! Thanks for suggesting ♡

  • i’ll be waiting for your ‘room tour’ post 🙂

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      I will fix my messy room first! Not really confident how it looks right now. Hehehe! but thanks for requesting! ♡

  • Thea

    FINALLYYYY!!! ??? I’ve been waiting for you to have your own blog for quite a while now. I now have another site to stalk you on aside from Instagram. Haha. I was so bummed when you deleted your Twitter but anyway, I’m so happy for you, Lou. Another outlet to show the world how talented and creative you are. Would love it if you could have like an #AskLou portion on your blog wherein we can ask you random questions to get to know you better. Congrats again, ateguurl! Love youuu! ??

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Awww thanks for that Thea. I am very sad as well that I don’t have Twitter but this one is a better replacement for that right? Will soon have #AskLOU here don’t ya worry ♡

      • Thea

        WAAAAAAHHH! YOU REPLIED!! YOU REALLY FRIGGIN’ REPLIED! OMG I’m so freaking happy and kilig rn. Huhuhu. I wasn’t expecting this. You made me so so happy. ?? Thanks for taking time to reply, Lou. Looking forward for your next blog posts. #LifeMade ?☺️

  • Mitch Bautista

    Can you please do a desk tour☺?

  • Angelika Trinidad

    Hi!! Omg! I told myself na pag ikaw talaga gumawa ng blog, lagi kong ivivisit tsaka magiging fan talaga ako ng blog mo. Na-sad ako nung nagdeactivate ka sa twitter 🙁 Sana magtuloy-tuloy to. Sobrang hinahangaan ko yung pagiging creative mo. Sana ganun din ako ? Anyway, yun nga. Goodluck on this. Sana you’ll find yourself very comfortable sa pagsusulat kasi I’m always going to look forward para basahin blogs mo. I love youuuu!!! ??

  • Marie Joyce

    I really like your style talaga. Since I created an acct on Instagram last year, you’re one of the first that I visited. Every now and then. (Up to now?) I noticed your simplicity.

  • Camille Antonio

    Never been so “fanatic” before.. then I followed you on IG.. Really got me big time. Congratulations Ms. Louise ? Would love to see all your sneakers here. Take care and have fun! ?

  • khim dayrit

    Hi Lou:) Sobrang idol ko ang IG Acct. mo. Noon sobrang pangit ng Feed ko. Ikaw inspirasyon ko para maging maayos sya. Ngayon feeling ko umaayos naman na:) kahit konti lang.. Pero gusto ko maLaman kung ano filter gamit mo . Astig e. 🙂 Actually pati name ko sa IG pinalitan ko yun ay dahil sayo:) na.. ? Anyways Congrats sa New Blog mo. God bless you always. Lovelove. ??? Keep in touch. ?

  • Ethyl Lumapas

    Avid fan here since Tween Hearts and I’m one of those who waited for so long for you to have a blog, finally! here it is, I’m so happy. Congratulations Lou. Your blog is user-friendly and responsive, looking forward for more posts/entries coz stalking you on IG all over again isn’t enough for me haha. Actually, I’m not fond of reading blogs but yours would be an exception. Don’t worry much about the design it’s the content that matters anyway. You should know that you inspire many people and I’m glad to say that I’m one of them. I really find you unique from any other celebrities out there, there’s a lot of things that I like, love rather about you. I do hope to see you again but up close someday. I also hope you can blog about some experiences and how you view life from your own perspective. I can’t wait to see more posts in the following days. Lovelots ?

  • Eunice Lalaine Reyes

    Hello, Miss Louise. Medyo mahaba po itong ippost ko. I do hope mabasa mo. :'(((

    Congratulations for your new blog! Napakahusay mo po. Totoo nga ung saying na “To be a good writer, you must be a good reader.” Hanga po ako sa talino, Ganda, kabutihan, at dedikasyon mo.

    Medyo malungkot ako ngayon; kakaiyak ko lang…emotional me…then naalala ko na may surprise ka for us. March 19, 2016. I checked your IG kasi sobrang excited na ako!

    Maraming salamat for sharing your life with us through your social media accounts. Nakita ko nga pala ulit sa Internet ung ask.FM account mo and I read again your answers there. Nainspire po akong pagbutihin ang buhay ko. Nakakamangha po talaga ang mga nabasa ko. Nakakabilib ka po na napagsabay mo ang studies and work plus scholar ka pa po. Congratulations! Amazing talaga!!! :’>

    I have a suggestion po for your next post. Gusto ko pong mainspire again. About sa faith mo po ako interested, kasi sa ngayon, nahihirapan po ako about that. About saang church, ministry ba ako dapat. I want to know kung saan ka po nagcchurch, paano ka napunta doon, kung saan ministry, about sa devotion mo po or quiet time. I want to be inspired again. . .

    Also, about sa business po. Any tips?

    Again, congratulations po and I salute you for giving your best to make your life meaningful and talagang nakakainspire. You are a very precious gem and you are truly loved by God and by the people around you na naiinspire mo. Beauty and brains, Miss Lou. <3

    I am looking forward to your favorable response. Thank you so much for taking time to read this post of mine. I hope makapagblog din po ako and maging successful gaya mo.

    May you have more blessings to come and may you continue to be the best version of yourself! May God's favor be upon you always! Keep that burning passion in making life beautiful! I hope to meet you and be friends with you… 🙂

    -a fan from Cavite 🙂

    P.S. Lagi ko pong inaabangan ang next post/s mo sa Instagram. 🙂

  • Cath Dea

    Hi gorg Lou! Last time na nakita kita at ATC grabe starstuck ako. Pa picture sana ako kaso nahiya po ako. I’m always stalking you on IG. Hopefully po gawa mo kayo ng maraming DIY videos soon. I’m a blogger also. A trying hard blogger. 🙂 Congrats po on your new blog and youtube channel. God bless Ms. Lou. <3

  • Giorgette Louise

    Hi, Louise! I learned about your blog just now and I’d have to say I’m already loving it! Anyway, I understand that you have your own domain name but what bloghost do you use for your site? Thanks! Hoping for more entries from you soon! xo

  • Janica Candido

    Hi Louise! Not really a fan but I saw your IG feed and it was awesome! Looked forward for you to create your own blog and you really did! Congratulations! 🙂

  • Mark Joseff

    Hi Louise I’m your no.1 fan. You’re so Pretty 🙂

  • Jiffy

    You are one piece of art yourself! I love every bit of this blog. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself through this. Please upload a music playlist if possible. Dying to know the songs that you’d listen to! Kudos Louise! 🙂

  • Jaztine Reba

    Hi Louise! Congratulations on your blog! I’m one of your fans who constantly stalk your IG posts and Snap stories. Haha. But can I recommend or ask if you could do blog posts about the books you’ve read or movies you’ve watched? Because I want to have an inspiration on how to make one and post in on my blog too. Pretty pretty please? Thank you! ? looking forward to you next blog posts.

  • Nadja

    Hi Ms. Louise, I am currently working on my blog as well. I have to say that you are on of my inspiration on actually and “officially” putting up my own. I do this out of mere passion. I was afraid to start (thinking i’ll fail) at first but because of you I got the courage to take the step. Thank you. And I hope, when I’m done doing the finishing touches on my little corner, you can visit it to share some comments and suggestions. Thank you and more power. Please continue to inspire others! 🙂

  • You should post more often about your travels and maybe give us some tips about it. Would love to read your getaways/adventures updates. 🙂

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