Finally! My first make-up tutorial (kinda weird reading that) but yes, I finally got the guts to do this and I am very proud to say that I shot it myself. Making this video came with a lot of work, manual focusing and running back and forth trying to adjust the settings is just so difficult but thank you Johann for editing this for me, you’re a life saver!


Enjoy the video! ♡

I am not an expert on make-up but this is something that I can share to everyone. Now, get ready with me?


I rarely use liquid foundation or concealers not unless I need to hide zits on my face or I’m working inside a studio. So what I use to cover my whole face is MAC Studio Fix Foundation, a one-step powder and foundation that provides a matte texture with medium coverage.


For my brows I use MAC brow shader. I usually go for that thick brows to add character to my face because I don’t usually put lashes and eye-liner on my eyes.


One of my favourite shade of blush from MAC is Pro Longwear blush in Fleeting Romance because of its “glowing” effect on your face.


I am currently obsessed with korean lips, so this is my own version of it. I used MAC patent polish lip pencil in Pleasant for the glossy effect and MAC Ronnie Red from the Archie Collection for the extra colour of my bottom inner lip.


This is optional (if your face don’t requires for it, don’t!) CONTOUR! My friend recommended Make-up Forever’s sculpting kit and by far it is one of the best for contours! I really love it!


This is another optional, if you don’t wanna wing about it haha! I really don’t like wearing eye liners because I am very fond of rubbing my eyes (which is really bad! I know!) but in here I used Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner. It is actually perfect for someone who is always on the go, you will not worry to have your liners retouched every now and then.


  • {E}

    Ate Louise!! I’ve been so curious about your tattoos especially when you first get it. Can you do a blog about your tattoos and what are the meaning of them?? thank you!! always been a fan of you especially tween hearts!!

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Good suggestion! Thank, I will keep that in mind ♡

  • Pam Ticsay

    Hi Ate Lou! I would like to suggest po sa photography, especially yung Fujifilm X-A2, hope you can do some basic tutorials or some do’s and dont’s in photography. I really admire your photography skills! I love your feed on instagram! Waa! Thank you and more power! 🙂

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Awww thanks Pam! Thinking of doing that too! ♡

      • Pam Ticsay

        Waaaa! You replied! OMG! Hahaha thanks Ate Lou, you just made my day!! I’ll surely wait for that post. Hihi, Love love!

  • milkylouise

    Hi Louise! I really loved your first video and I’m excited for the next. Anyway, can u post a video of you jamming to songs in your car? You always do that on snapchat kaso bitin! HAHAHA. I love your taste in music.

    Also, some tips for those who wanted to do learn photography and such. Tsaka how you edit your photos! HAHAHAHAHA ?????

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      HAHAHA thanks! More random videos to come! ♡

  • Ana Barrios

    Hi Louise!! I wanna tell you that you are a brilliant and wonderful woman. Please follow me on Instagram and I will let you know that you are truly beautiful. 🙂

  • khim dayrit

    wow. Simple Lang. Ganyan ang hinahanap ko. Thanks Lou.:)

  • Rae Celine Sioson

    Hi ate louise Im so happy for you! ?? thanks for doing this because I really adore you po kase gusto ko talaga makakuha ng mga tips sayo..?? hoping na mag karon din ng room tour mo hihi kase I am in the middle of decorating my room din po and i like doing DIY kaya po i hope makita ko mga DIY works nio ??

  • Kc Jacinto

    Girl! Bakit walang follow button? I admire your acting skills sobra, one of a kind. I think you are so underrated. More OOTDs puhleaseeee♥

  • Big fan of your IG feed. Love your new site. So classy. Congrats Lou 🙂

  • I’m so glad that you finally decided to put up your own blog. ??? keep it up girl!

  • Justgiaaaz

    I opened IG, stalked some local artist; they’re followers and who they follow. Then I saw “LDR” (my instinct told me that ’twas for Louise Delos Reyes so yun nga) and ended up on your feed. First time ko actually. Wow, you’re beautiful and so is your feed. Never a fan of yours tbh but I always look you as one of the beautiful actresses here in Philippines. I opened some of your posts (in IG) and found out that you’re a blogger. So, that’s why I’m here, ended up on your blog na naman, typing my comment. I don’t really give a damn (to the point of posting a comment to whoever artists and their posts), but your’s an exception. I don’t know, just found your IG feed and this blog COOL. Keep on posting! 🙂

  • Lorraine

    Hi miss louise. You’re a talented artist. Keep it up. I love your IG pics. They are unconventional compared to other artists’ accounts who only keep on posting selfies. Yours show how a photo could let others be amazed and appreciate art through photography. Btw, congrats on your new teleserye with Juancho..

  • Ellarie Rose Mata

    Hi ate louise?. I really love you IG!!!! Feed goals!

  • You’re one of the most gorgeous blogger here in the Philippines. 🙂

    Check out my blog:

  • So pretty, Lou! Post more vids pls. I enjoy watching them. 🙂

  • esther Occidental

    I’m very happy knowing that you’re also a blogger 🙂 hoping for more blog post…

  • Thanks for making a blog Lou! 😀 such an inspiration!

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  • Jessamine Ultra

    Your beautiful kahit walang makeup..noong last saturday ko lang napansin na napakaganda mo pala..and thankz that you have a ready, ill be stalking you from now on.

  • Mike Lares

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