I was never the tutu-skirt-kind-of-girl, and by that I mean pink. I’m a skater boy trapped in a girl’s body. Haha. But seriously though, I prefer Chucks over heels, denim over sequinned dress, and all those are opposites. I really don’t know where I will start to describe my style but let’s just go this way — laid-back tomboy. I love mixing loose tops (white shirts and pull-overs) with leggings, distressed jeans, and shorts. Matching them with either a pair of Converse or Doctor Marten’s. Of course, lately I’ve been so addicted to Superstars and Stan Smiths! I’m not much on accessories. I’m into watches and hats, though. I think you just need to be brave to mix and match patterns and colours, it doesn’t mean that it is “in” now. Just be yourself in terms of style; comfort is the key. ♡


Top and Bottom: TOPSHOP

Shoes: Adidas

Bag: Fjallraven Kanken

Photography: Johann Alcantara

  • Rodeliza J. Nimez

    So pretty!???

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Thanks! ♡

  • John Michael A. Talanquines

    I’m in love <3

  • Jessica De Silva

    Hi Louise! your style is really laid back and cool at the same time. kinda new this blog was coming up coz your IG feed speaks a lot about your creativity. Have fun blogging! #msteenbatchmate here. 🙂

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Hi Jessica! Long time! Thank you for dropping by ♡

  • John Michael A. Talanquines

    I’m in love omg <3

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Thanks! ♡

      • John Michael A. Talanquines

        Welcome idol! Updates everyday please. By the way, I bookmarked your website so yeah, expect that I will be looking into it everyday. God bless you more and more power! 🙂

  • Jean Roa

    Miss Lou, I’m a frustrated blogger, but I don’t know how to make websites either and I don’t really have that money to buy a website :(. Can you help me?

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Creating a Tumblr or a WordPress account will help you big time! Start from there ♡

  • Mikka Villanueva

    You’re so cool and you are also a great photographer. I hope I can be like you someday.

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Never too late to become someone you thought you wouldn’t be! ♡

  • Marichel Martin

    I am a big fan of yours ate lou ❤ inlove with your photos. I really hope to see you ?

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Who knows? Thank you for dropping by ♡

      • Marichel Martin

        Been waiting for your reply ate lou and you don’t know how much you made me so happy. Ang galing kasi may blog ka na, hindi lang ako sa ig magiging updated hayy (kilig) ? loveyou ❤

  • Ramirez Annaliza

    I liked your style so much . Not so pabebe looks ?

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Thanks! ♡

      • Ramirez Annaliza

        Hi ms.Lou ? Thankyou for the first time napansin mo ako..Im your follower on instagram and your ultimate liker ?

  • EK Marco

    Hi, idol!
    I’m one of your active likers on ig and I’ve waited for this to happen: for you to have a blog 😉
    Congrats and hope to see more of your beautiful and stunning stuffs 😉

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Thanks Marco! ♡

      • EK Marco

        Thank you for the reply, idol! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mitch Bautista

    I really love your style… I wish you could visit Toronto sometime

  • Glace Lee

    Been waiting for this ate lou! Finally! Congrats!❤ You are amazing! Keep doing this because it makes me love you even more❤ :’)

  • Marie Joyce

    You really prove that being simple is one of the highlights of being beautiful. Always stalking you in your IG acct and Wow! Just wow! You inspires me alot. You really do! (Eee!) I wanna meet you in person. Soon ❤

    • Lou Delos Reyes

      Awww thank you for that! ♡ Hopefully soon!

      • Marie Joyce

        Eeee. Aaaa! (Kinikilig ako! HAHAHA.) Npaka humble e. Eeeee! ?????? Thankyou! Mwa ❤

      • Marie Joyce

        Hi Ms. Lou :***

  • ruth ann billedo

    sobrang ganda mo idol 🙂 hope I can see you in Cavite. I like your IG pictures and i always like it. congrats on your blog .. i hope i can make like this one too.

  • ?Kaye?

    I liked your Style and ur Tattoo’s so keep it up ms.LdR. I’m your supportive follower, liker in IG. Your beauty is always in your heart❤️?


  • Ana Barrios

    You look amazingly good.

  • Lizzie Bennet

    Congrats Ms.Lou i always admire your style, sometimes before i donn my clothes when im having a day off from
    My work i drop by on your IG, just checking some cool ootd that I can put on as well. ??? #stylespo

  • Lou Delos Reyes

    Thanks for the comments guys ♡♡♡

  • Reyn Ramirez

    Oh Em! Blogger na talaga si Crush, Congrats Lou! Hope to see you soon 🙂

  • anngella senson

    So pretty talagaaa! <3 Love u ate Lou! Congrats po! Hope to meet you (dreaming). I love your blog and posts in ig <3 :*

  • Nika ♥

    Hi Lou! Thank you for doing this. Hindi na lang sa IG mo ako tatambay haha. Can you write an article how you choose your hair color? Hihi. I’m a fan. Love you! ♥

  • I knew it all along that you’d be a perfect blogger. I’m in love with your IG posts, so with your personal style. Looking forward for more blog post. Congratulations! ♥

  • Karen Joy Balarbar

    I was absolutely satisfied now because of your blog. I was fond of looking your photos in Ig and it was better now because those photos have explanations here. Thank you for sharing everything! I’m starting to be your fan. Hahahaha ? Love you LDR ? God bless!

  • Arianne Grace Gojol

    congratulations to Louise! so in love with your God-given creativity and bravery – be it in style and how you express your creative juices! God speed dear! 😉 btw, ung posts mo sa ig naka-alert sa mobile ko. so i should know if you have already posted something HAHA. 😉

  • Ralph Lauren Gulapa

    Just loving your style, the boyish look but not going overboard. And although not so girly, you still look amazing. Keep up the good work. Thanks for putting up this blog. Great way to see some updates from you since you lay lowed. God bless. 🙂

  • Carla Bartolome Bolisay

    That astounding style of yours is very conniving! Good luck with your blog! I’m hoping to see a blog about your tattoos! 🙂

  • Apple Tungol

    JUST WOW!!! I liked your Style and ur Tattoo’s keep it up. Visiting your IG account everyday. You inspires me alot. Hope to see you soon please.

  • Elizabethbennet

    We admire you for your real independence, intelligence and creativity. Creativity is your weapon. Continue your artistic pursuits. Ignore those arrogant hipocrites who demand respect yet do not know how to respect others. your light will shine no matter how others try to put you down. Embrace the challenges and be glad that you were not handed the silver platter because in the end you will end up being the better artist and woman . There is No better teacher than REAL lifes struggles .

  • zanne

    Ate louise! Hello! Can I ask if what filters do u use on your pictures on IG? And also I wanted to ask permission if I can post your pictures on we heart it? I really really love it! God bless u ?

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  • Joanne Estrada Ortiz

    Really loved your style, Lou. Relate much. ? Such a cool personality.? Apir tayo dyan. ✋ Hehe! Been a follower of you because of your amazing feed on IG.
    Poor self, ngayon lang nagkaron ng chance to visit your blog. Continue inspiring us with your artistry. Looking forward to meet you personally and have even a single photograph with you. God bless!

  • Jessamine Ultra

    Would you believe me if i say..the kind of watch you wear till you who you are?
    Its nice..base on the watch your wearing, i agree on how you discribe yourself..its real

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